Thursday, 18 June 2015

This is Kesbooks. She is a hologram sent here from the future.(some time around the year 3000). The science surrounding this feat are unknown at this time. She is trying her best to fit in around here and has begun working as the Librarian at The Red Forge Publishing House.
Hi, since I went to an Information Session on Social Media at the Adelaide City Library I've been really getting into my "Online Presence". My character Kesbooks has been Tweeting, signed up to Google+, Tumblr, Instagram etc. It has brought on a feeling of need to press on with My Painted Elephant and get it out to a readership ASAP. I want to rename the written portion The Wave and the Particle. My Painted Elephant will still be retained at the title of the overall work which includes: the novel, the musical piece, the sculpture and the creative installation.